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10.08.2004 Some new videos are online. The absolute hightlight: "Champions of the Wave", a must-see. Also remarkable are the two videos showing a Silent which was equipped by Bob Carlton with two turbines. He flies that incredible glider on airshows.

News from Irene: She attended the WaveCamp again and produced two great films ("Elevator" and "Heroes"). A must-see.

28.07.2004 A quite spectacular new video: A WWII combat glider is being "picked up" by a plane flying overhead, catching the rope at full speed. Must have been an exciting experience for the crews...
25.04.2004 We have 4 new videos...
20.07.2004 Two new videos online
01.07.2004 Nistal has produced a new video ("The new winch") which is worth watching...
30.06.2004 This month was special: more than 50.000 users have visited this website so far and we have reached 1.000.000 hits this month. Quite surprising how the website grew in the 10 months of its short life. I hope it will continue growing like this.
25.04.2004 After a short spring break: we have 10 new videos...
10.04.2004 A new brochure is online: The Genesis I. This is a good opportunity to thank Stephen Mitchell, who is an inexhaustible source of brochures of American and English planes. He did quite a lot for the brochures collection (and he is the main contributor of all brochures in English language).
22.03.2004 New English brochure of ASW 20 added. Also, Nistal's "Hellingvliegen" is now also available in much better resolution (and also much bigger...).
20.03.2004 If you were wondering how Dune Running works: Nistal Wloczysiak (pilot and producer of the T31 videos) has made a marvellous, 30 minute film about this subject. Look for "Hellingvliegen" on the video page.
12.03.2004 10 new videos. More to come during the next few days.
02.03.2004 20 new videos online. Remarkable: the new videos in the category crazy & extreme. We also have a new video category Weather with nice Foehn movies
28.02.2004 23 new historical videos (the oldest was taken 1922)
27.02.2004 New brochures added
24.02.2004 More new videos (the new ones are marked with a red star)
21.02.2004 Since I am getting many requests to put trailers of commercial videos on my page: I don't do that, BUT - I'll set up a separate page where I review and feature commercial soaring videos, with a direct link to an order page. So feel free to send samples to my German postal address below.
19.02.2004 Since I am getting quite some traffic from abroad, I began translating some of the content. I hope some day I'll have most of the content available in English (btw: I am looking for translators who can help me to accomplish this task... Please contact me at the email address at the bottom of this page)
17.02.2004 A few stories from the US: A landout in the USA can be adventurous.  The NASA discovered that Mars is the perfect place for soaring (great thermals). The new security rules are causing problems for foreigners when upgrading their US license. Oh yes, and John Kerry, who runs for presidency, is a glider pilot - should somebody care.
12.02.2004 New gliding videos added - and they are getting more...
10.02.2004 Many new gliding videos and new brochures (of the Pegase) online
31.01.2004 13. Barron Hilton Cup 2002/2003: Here are the results: Bavaria provides the winners in two classes - Club Class (Mathias Schunk) and Double Seater Class (Armin Behrendt and Gerhard Altnöder). Kai Lindenberg from Hessen/Germany won the Standard Class, while the open class went to Denis Flament from France and the racing class to Uwe Prodiger from Austria.

Since it is somehow connected to aviation as well: Try Penguin-Throwing. Here is also the new version. Attention: Highly addictive...

24.01.2004 Great tool for archiving of IGC files. More here (unfortunately content still only in German)...
14.01.2004 This is not about a glider, but always a good laugh: The F-18-Registration (English text).
13.01.2004 A few new Videos, some really great ones...
10.01.2004 The Blanik-Boogie is now available as a video (die folks call it "fucking cool video clip", and that's what it is). Gliding taken to an extreme!
03.01.2004 Blanik-Boogie - or what the folks in Finland do with the good ol' Blanik... There is also a Bavarian variant: Christoph Kratzner with a stein flying open (found on schlechtflieger.de).
02.01.2004 It was long discussed and now it is public: We have new airspaces around Innsbruck. Bad news for gliders: The new SRA's (Special Restriction Areas) lower the existing airspace D considerably (map).
29.12.2003 Back from my Christmas vacation. I brought a few nice Foehn pictures.
19.12.2003 New (mostly historical) Glider brochures online: ASW 20, Phoebus, SHK, some SZD planes and the 304-replica from HPH. I still have a lot more, some goodies too. As soon as I find time to scan them, you'll find them here.

 Translators wanted! Are you a native English speaker and also experienced in German? I am looking for help in translating the German content into English. Please contact me at the email address at the bottom of this page....

Recommendation: The Dutch Vintage Glider Club is worth a visit...
The SSA (Soaring Society of America) also has a couple of nice articles about older glider types.


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