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A little word about this before we start. Many people have put quite some effort into these videos, most of them being really great. It also costs them quite a lot to offer them online (bandwidth is not for free). So: Please respect their copyright but also don't stream - rather download the videos to your own hard disk prior to watching them.

download the videos by pressing the right mouse key on the link and then select "save file to...".

Also most of these videos use compression. That means that you need the corresponding video codecs, especially Divx. You'll find them all at I strongly recommend using a codec pack, which will solve all problems with a single installation. The best code packs are Tsunami Codec Pack and Nimo Codec Pack.

Commercial Videos
Since I am getting many requests to put trailers of commercial videos on my page: I don't do that, BUT - I'll set up a separate page where I review and feature commercial soaring videos, with a direct link to an order page. So feel free to send samples to my German postal address below.

The People Behind The Scenes
Before starting with the video list, I'd like to introduce a few people who are worth mentioning:

Wojciech Wjcik ... has put together the incredible soaring video collection of the Vintage Glider Club in Poland. They are a major source for historical videos.
Irene van der Zwan ... is the director and producer (and sometimes also the pilot) of some of the best gliding videos I have seen - she takes some effort to catch the atmosphere of gliding...
Peter Obermaier and Andreas Kohn of Schlechtflieger-Productions ... are responsible for a couple of classics, brilliantly cut and sometimes really funny. One of their awarded works is Starten, Steuern, Beten ("Take off-Steer-Pray")
Southamton Soaring Society not a person, but this Club has a remarkable page with many historical gliding videos.
Nistal Wloczysiak Next to Irene my personal favourite. Nistal is specialised in calm, intensive films which are full of atmosphere and take the time to look at the small things. Particularly great: Hellingvliegen.

And: Thanks to Ronald Rooij, who gave me many hints on good videos...

Gliding General
Bad Wössen (from Unterwössen) WMV, 28 MB Jan piloting the K13 in the Austrian Alps. Great pictures, great sound... A production. Alternative
Elmauer Tor WMV, 4 MB Bernd Siebenwurst flies his Janus through the "Elmauer Tor" (part of the "Wilder Kaiser" in the Austrian Alps, he actually flies through the mountain). Alternative
Planeadores Chile
Hi-Res Version available again
Beautiful gliding video - flying Blanik in Chile, with a little aerobatics. The low resolution version has unacceptable quality...
Stemme Beach Run MOV, 2.0 MB Flying low over the beaches of Torrey Pines. This cannot be compared to the Dutch dune running, because the Stemme actually is coming down the cliff.
Jantar Beach Run MOV, 3.1 MB Same with a Jantar. Here you can see the glider coming down the cliff.
Stemme & Jantar Passes MOV, 2.7 MB Low sequential passes of both planes, again in Torrey Pines
Wave flight in Bjorli WMV, 14 MB Very good quality, good sound. Alternative. See also the other Bjorli video (category crazy & extreme)
ASH25Mi in Spain and over the Alps
    (Part 2)
WMV, 2x9 MB Soaring in the Spanish Alps. Nice pics, good quality, great sound. Alternative
Puimoisson 2001 AVI, 11 MB Soaring in Puimoisson. Alternative. More videos from
Antares MPG, 8.8 MB German TV report on Antares
ETA WMV, 16.5 MB Good movie about the ETA.
National Gliding Championships NL 2003 MPG, 60 MB Very long but great movie about the "Nationale Kampioenschappen Zweefvliegen 2003" in the Netherlands, filmed by Irene van der Zwan, who was the pilot of the "Dune Run".
Mountainwave-Project WMV, 10 MB German TV report on the Mountainwave-Project. Unfortunately the sound is not so good (German language).
Klaus Ohlmann
(you'll find the link at the end of the page [Ohlmann.wmv])
WMV, 42 MB n-tv coverage on Klaus Ohlmann (German language).
Soaring in the "Karawanken" MPG, 103 MB Great pictures from the Austrian mountains, "Ridge-Riding". Alternative
Soaring and Waveflight in Tyrol AVI, 90 MB Obviously filmed in Tyrol - uninspired sound but otherwise nice, with SeeYou flashes.
Soaring and Glider construction
    (Hi_res Version here)
WMV, 6.3 MB
WMV, 41.3 MB
German TV report on DG and gliding/glider construction in general. Quite interesting, the master (Wilhelm Dirks) talks and flies (die DG-1000) himself. German language
Soaring video
(high resolution)
AVI, 7.6 MB
AVI, 40 MB
Not the greatest movie, but nice takes. Although - in the now available hi-res version it looks much better. Alternative
Locarno MPG, 2.3 MB silent movie, great pictures from the Alps (and sometimes silence is much better, especially in this movie)
Varese MPG, 5 MB put up your tent next to the airfield, the great silence, cleaning the plane after a great flight - that's a perfect day.
Waveflight WMV, 12.5 MB Wave soaring in the USA (a Al McDonald/Silentflight production). Alternative
Bocian AVI, 38 MB A nice gliding video from the Aeroclub Gliewice about and with the Bocian. Good resolution.
Teamflight WMV, 7 MB ASK-21, Ka-8 and Astir flying together: This video is also known as "Catch the sun" or "Tom". Alternative
Soaring MPG, 26 MB Another nice video from
Vågå Wave Camp 2003 ("small" version)
    normal version
    DVD quality version
WMV, 22 MB
WMV, 177 MB
WMV, 380 MB
how they fly the waves in Norway. That involves: Drilling a few holes in the ice of the Fjord, towing people by plane over the ice, flying over snow-covered landscape (and having a near-miss during that) and finally landing on the ice. A nice soaring video from Irene. Alternative
Vågå Wave Camp 2002
    normal version
    DVD quality version
WMV, 19 MB
WMV, 39 MB
more from Norway - same procedure, the year before.
Impressions from Hokksund (ENHS) WMV, 29 MB A very well made film, great soundtrack. Life at Hokksund airfield in Norway (that's where Seilfly, the aerobatics video was produced as well). You can visit them on the web, they have a great video collection too:
Hokksund again MOV, 10 MB Another nice video from from Norway. More about the WaveCamp on
The new glider MOV, 18 MB A new ASK-21 rolls out the factory in Germany. The new owner (from Norway) takes the opportunity to visit Wasserkuppe, where all the soaring started. This gliding video is interesting because it contains some impressions of how they flew back in these days (it shows an actual rubber rope launch of an SG-38).
Long Mynd Bungee Camp MPG, 535 MB So, you thought bungee launch was something from 50 years ago? See what they do in British Midlands (filmed at the Midland Gliding Club). Great pictures of some fast ridge riding, wonderful wave flights and get-together in the club's pub. Like most of the videos by Irene this is not just a dull "how many gliders can I show in a film" video, but a very nice peace of work catching the atmosphere of a gliding camp.
Flying in the Pyrenees WMV, 15 MB a Dutch video by Spoeky (also one of the Dune Runners)
T31 Tandem Tutor Winter Flight WMV, 42 MB An old-timer flies in the snow: the Slingsby T31 Tandem Tutor. A film by Nistal Wloczysiak. Alternative
Cold Flights WMV, 10 MB Another nice video featuring the T31, also by Nistal Wloczysiak. Alternative
K6 Snow Flight WMV, 14 MB A K6 snow flight in Holland. Video by René van Lint
"Höhenflüge" AVI, 10 MB Trailer of the German movie "Höhenflüge" ("soaring high"), an image movie about young people and soaring
ASW 20 WMV, 2.4 MB Riding the thermals in an ASW 20. Not overly exciting to watch the guy doing his circles, but nice pictures of a (Dutch?) landscape :-)
Aero-Tow WMV, 3 MB Launch by aero-tow. Also - not too exciting...
"Gliding Paradise Slovakia" WMV, 8 MB Kind of promotional video about gliding in Slovakia, featuring an ASW 15. Nice shots of the landscape. Unfortunately the film quality is not very good.
Flying in Slovakia (Fatra) WMV, 7 MB More views of Slovakia from above.
Ka-8 Formation Flight WMV, 5 MB Nice movie showing Ka-8's flying in formation.
Stemme S-10 WMV, 5 MB Not exactly a great soaring movie, but that incredible plane is worth some shots anyway. If you like the plane, have a look in category manufacturers, there is a Stemme promotional video.
A guy having fun AVI, 3 MB All in one: Soaring, formation flight and some aerobatics. Quality could be better, but still a nice movie.
Soaring-PR-Film WMV, 13 MB A soaring PR movie with unusual perspective (stand-off with fish-eye lens), mostly aerobatics
"Über den Wolken"
(above the clouds)
AVI, 3 MB Removed on request of the author
Stemme S-10 above Berlin WMV, 13 MB The Stemme above Berlin.
Unterwössen 2003 MP4, 80 MB A very nice video by Joachim Herz about a flight from Unterwössen/Germany into the Alps with landings in Zell am See and Kufstein (Austria).  And of course: going through the Elmauer Tor, a narrow gap in the mountains.
Hellingvliegen (Dune gliding)
(high resolution)
WMV, 56 MB
MPG, 435 MB
The T31 with Nistal Wloczysiak behind the controls and the camera strikes again. Who liked Dune Running and was wondering how they do that: This is THE film about the subject. Calm flying with the seagulls! And one of the best gliding videos I have seen so far. What I like most is that the video does not only show a few flight scenes like so many other videos, but also shows the many other moments that make the fascination of gliding. It is a wonderful calm video which takes its time to show also the small things along the road, like the seagulls flying with the plane.
ATC (Above the Cloudbase) AVI, 70 MB Andreas Franke presents his second video: Flying above the clouds. A nice video with great pictures of a SF 25 E Super Falke (and a ASK 14 plus a Dimona)
Flight Lesson on ASK21 WMV, 8 MB A flight lesson from the teacher's perspective.
Blanik Intro Flight WMV, 1 MB Another introductory session with the good old Blanik
Blanik Lowpass WMV, 1 MB Talking about Blanik: This little and unspectacular clip shows how the coke can flies.
"Autumn in soaring paradise" WMV, 27 MB A beautiful movie about soaring in the autumn in Slovakia. Nice shots from the wave and some other great pictures of the landscape. As the guys put it: "we are usually still flying wave and ridges when other clubs sleep and dream about next year thermals"
"The new winch"
(high resolution)
WMV, 55 MB
MPG, 519 MB
Nistal's lastest film. A great documentary about people, technology and gliding. And - as all the other works of Nistal - very well cut, filmed in a calm and intensive way, and nicely set to music.
Nötsch 2003 MPG, 20 MB Flying in the Austrian Alps.And again the same music as in so many other gliding videos...
"Heroes"      (Irene vd Zwan) MPG, 138 MB A nice new film from the WaveCamp 2004 by Irene - full of athmosphere. If you want to see more of the breathtaking lenticularis, check out the next film (Elevator) where it has a star role...
"Elevator"      (Irene vd Zwan) MPG, 151 MB A terrific film about wave gliding on WaveCamp 2004. Simply spectacular shots, at least if you like lenticular clouds. The permanent smile on Irenes face gives you an idea where the variometer needle is pointing to...
"Jelena"      (Pedja) MPG, 70 MB Wave flight in Wyoming - some nice aerobatics at the end.
"Dave"      (Pedja) MPG, 69 MB Another wave flight by Pedja with aerobatics at the end.
"Diamond Climb "      (Pedja) MPG, 25 MB Remarkable pictures of a diamond climb up to FL 320. The camera stopped working since the temperature was -46°F, hence there is not much footage at the top...
"Damjan"      (Pedja) MPG, 49 MB Another flight in the wave
"29J"      (Pedja) MPG, 60 MB The first flight of the famous 29J, that was featured in the Stormchasers IMAX movie, after being restored by the Soaring Society of Boulder.
"Equipe de France - Saint Auban 2003" WMV, 12 MB Flight camp of the Equipe de France in St Auban. ASH25, ASW27and Ventus2 in the Alps. Very nice video but the resolution could be better.
"Equipe de France - Saint Auban 2002" WMV, 20 MB Flight camp of the Equipe de France in St Auban. Especially interesting: formation flight of 13 gliders. But again - quality could be better
"Equipe de France - Santo Tomé 2002" WMV, 15 MB Flight camp of the Equipe de France in Santo Tomé. I like the Stemme...
"Equipe de France - World Gliding Championships 2001 South Africa " WMV, 6 MB Very nice shots from the World Championships - mostly fast finals of the homecoming participants. And again: quality...
"Patagonia" MPG, 180 MB A very nice and calm video about soaring in patagonia. And I'd linke to have that plane - a Nimbus 4DM with some special equipment .
Crazy & Extreme
Silentflight (uksmokin) (Menü)   A couple of  soaring videos, among them the famous UKsmokin video (extremes soaring, a must-see - if you have a good connection, go for the 25 MB HiRes version!)
Fucking cool video clip AVI, 10 MB that's how these guys from Finland (the ones who did the Blanik-Boogie) call this gliding video: the Blanik-Boogie movie. A must-see! Attention: Divx 5 coded, get Divx-Codec...
Dune Running MPEG, 8.5 MB ... or what Dutch people call ridge gliding. These guys ride the dunes incredibly low... To see how they do it: Have a look at "Hellingvliegen" (category above). If you speak Dutch: Here they explain how it worksOriginal site Alternative
Nimbus Groundloop MOV, 1.0 MB ... what nobody wants :-)
Lowpass in Bjorli WMV, 2.7 MB ...or how you celebrate your wave flight...
ASH 25 in formation with military jet MPG, 3.5 MB as Christian (webmaster of put it: Coolest airshow video ever. An ASH 25 flies in formation with a jet for quite a while. Unbelievable.
Stall after cable break AVI, 2.1 MB After a cable break in low altitude the plane stalls and crashes (the pilot survived without injuries). German comment
Paragliding Extreme MPG, 15.3 MB has nothing to do with soaring - but it's flying too. And it really looks like it is fun. Paragliding extreme. Link provided by Andy of Schlechtflieger-Magazin
Batman over the glacier MOV, 4.7 MB another video of the category "why I will not become a paraglider or skydiver": This guy races horizontally over a glacier, wearing nothing but his jump suit. I feel queasy just from watching :-)
"Diamond Climb "      (Pedja) MPG, 25 MB Remarkable pictures of a diamond climb up to FL 320. The camera stopped working since the temperature was -46°F, hence there is not much footage at the top...
Jet Glider Test Flight WMV, 1.2 MB No kidding: This is an Alisport Silent-J glider, modified by Bob Carlton, equipped with two AMT-USA AT-450 turbines - and it is actually flying very well (see next video ). More about this glider
Jet Glider Airshow Video WMV, 3.8 MB An incredible video: Bob Carlton flies aerobatics with his jet glider - equipped with two AMT turbines.
Aerobatics Gunnar Flatebo 
smaller version (also here)
WMV, 32 MB
WMV, 2.5 MB
A very nice ASK-21 aerobatics video, good quality. Filmed at Hokksund Airfield (ENHS) close to Oslo. Alternatives here, here or here.
ASK-21 Aerobatics WMV, 11 MB another nice ASK-21 aerobatics video
Fox-Aerobatics MPG, 8 MB flown in a Fox, very good (German) running comment. The bad video quality is made good by the great pictures.
Report about Małgorzata Margańska
Short version (only aerobatics)
AVI, 201 MB A Polish TV report about Małgorzata Margańska, the daughter of the designer of Swift and Fox and an outstanding acro pilot herself. About half of the one-hour-video consists of really great aerobatics flown by a not less impressive Małgorzata Margańska.
The Beauty of Aerobatics (DG-500)
    (HiRes version)
WMV, 4.6 MB
WMV, 30 MB
This production from Sweden might be very nice for pedestrians - but 60% of the movie is getting in/out of the plane and the pilots efforts to find the perfect sitting position (and hat on/hat off)
SZD-59 Acro
    short version
ASF, 33 MB
One of the Silentflight videos (see also UKSmokin at the top of the list). Nice aerobatics, but I am wondering why so many soaring videos are having the same sound track...
JLC Smokin WMV, 10 MB A Dutch production
St. Auban WMV, 19 MB want some aerobatics above the clouds? You don't see much of St. Auban, but the rest... Only the sound, again the same. 
CSmoker AVI, 5 MB pilot Karl-Heinz Hirsch from South Africa
Fox-Aerobatics, unusual perspective MOV, 5 MB filmed with a camera tied around the waist
Aerobatics with nose camera AVI, 5 MB another unusual perspective: filmed from a camera mounted on the outside on the nose, looking backwards and showing the pilot.
Aerobatics at Hoogeveen WMV, 15 MB aerobatics movie with Dutch comments, performed at Hoogeveen Airfield. Every figure is explained. More videos from Spoeky
Silent Wings AVI, 5 MB Bob Carlton flying the Salto on an airshow. Great pictures!
Oshkosh 1993 WMV, 2.8 MB Manfred Radius Oshkosh 1993 inverted ribbon cut
Airshow (1930's) WMV, 1.6 MB b/w soaring video from the 1930's, obviously filmed in Germany on the Wasserkuppe. A few nice loops with old ships.
ACvZSmokin WMV, 10 MB Another replica of UKSmokin, but not as good as the famous original.
Habicht Aerobatics WMV, 2.3 MB b/w soaring video from the thirties - nice shots of a "Habicht" doing aerobatics.
A guy having fun AVI, 3 MB All in one: Soaring, formation flight and some aerobatics. Quality could be better, but still a nice movie.
Soaring-PR-Film WMV, 13 MB A soaring PR movie with unusual perspective (stand-off with fish-eye lens), mostly aerobatics
Synchrongliders Michelstadt 2001 RM, 7 MB The Synchrongliders on the Michelstadt airshow
Synchrongliders TV Report RM, 6 MB TV Report: Preparation for the World Championships in Antalya
Synchrongliders Explanation of Aerobatics RM, 15 MB Explanation of aerobatics and some nice shots of the Synchrongliders in the air
Cirrus K AVI, 4.5 MB Thomas and Manuel made a nice aerobatics clip. Only the music, same thing again...
"Kunstflug" MPG, 14 MB Quite funny piece about aerobatics and how the passengers feel :-)


MPG, 120 MB
MPG, 243 MB
Zwei Filme über eine skandinavische Club-Veranstaltung. DVD-Qualität und vorwiegend Kunstflug
Bob Carlton: On Silent Wings WMV, 2.3 MB Bob Carlton flies a nice program with his Salto.
Jet Glider Airshow Video MPG, 25 MB An incredible video: Bob Carlton flies aerobatics with his jet glider - equipped with two AMT turbines. More about this plane in the section Crazy & Extreme .
Mishaps & Funny
Funny commercial MPG, 12 MB two students take off without their teachers. Very funny Dutch commercial. Alternative
Oh my God - Spitfire WMV, 2.0 MB A must-see! A British anchorman almost pisses his pants when a spitfire does an extremely low pass right over him. He had expected it, but not that low :-)
Cleared for takeoff MPEG, 2.5 MB meant as a hint for the pilot, not the passengers :-)
Nimbus Groundloop MOV, 1.0 MB ... what you don't want, but still a bit funny to watch
Starten, Steuern, Beten ("Take off-Steer-Pray") WMV, 26 MB Not about gliding, but a very funny paragliding video. A production of
"Towed Gliding from Racetrack" WMV, 1 MB Old b/w soaring video from 1931: A glider is being launched by a car on a race track, makes a spectacular final underneath a bridge (during which he clips the wing) and still makes a safe landing. Must see...
"1st National Gliding Competition" WMV, 3.2 MB Report of the 1st National Gliding Competition 1922 in Ilford/England (b/w): One of the planes crashes (pilot uninjured).
Jet being towed
Some people have strange ideas - thin one for example, a jet being towed. And it's not a joke - the NASA has tried - see for yourself...
Historical Videos
World Championships Leszno 1958 AVI, 120 MB b/w soaring video from 1958 in Polish original language. English subtitles are here (you may need to rename the file to extension .sub). Alternative
Oldzar AVI, 100 MB old b/w Polish soaring movie with great pictures. Original title "Góra Szybowcowa Żar" (which means "Gliding mountain Zar" - Janusz Kesik, thanks for the translation)
Race in the clouds AVI, 78 MB another Polish b/w soaring video from 1959. English subtitles are here (you may need to rename the file to extension .sub).
IS-3 ABC (Part 2) AVI, 5+9 MB The silent movie documents every detail of the IS-3 (ABC), a polish glider very similar to the SG-38, which was built after WWII. More details on this glider (in German). Thanks to Janusz Kesik for his help.
Fieseler Storch and SG-38 AVI, 1.0 MB SG-38 in tow behind a Fieseler Storch
SG-38 Auto Start AVI, 1.0 MB SG-38 being towed by a car
SG-38 MPG 1.4 MB SG-38 on the Vintage Glider Week in Greiling 2000
Vintage Glider Rallye Achmer 2002
    Teil 2
    Teil 3
AVI, 145 MB
AVI, 111 MB
AVI, 63 MB
video coverage of meeting of the International Vintage Glider Club in July 2002 in Achmer. Quite interesting...
Lilienthal-Replica (Normal-Segelapparat) MPG, 0.2 MB Flight tests with a replica of the Lilienthal-"Normal-Segelapparat" built by Stefan Nitsch. More info about it (hints how to make your own)
Lilienthal-Replica (Südende-Apparat) MPG, 0.2 MB Flight tests with a replica of the Lilienthal-"Südende-Apparat" built by Stefan Nitsch. More info about it (hints how to make your own)
Chanute-Replica MPG, 0.3 MB ...and it flies! More info
The new glider MOV, 18 MB A new ASK-21 rolls out the factory in Germany. The new owner (from Norway) takes the opportunity to visit Wasserkuppe, where all the soaring started. This video is interesting because it contains some impressions of how they flew back in these days (it shows an actual bungee launch of an SG-38).
The Diamond Report (Diamentowy reportaż) AVI, 33 MB The "Diamentowy reportaż" is about the exploration of wave gliding in Jelenia Góra (ex-Hirschenberg, or to be more exact Grunau) in the '60s (featuring the Foka glider). There are also few words about the foreigners who were coming there to get their diamonds at Jelenia Góra (the Danish pilots were mentioned, and also shown in the movie). Thanks to Janusz Kesik for his help.
XIV World Gliding Championships Australia 1974 AVI, 68 MB A b/w report about the 14th World Gliding Championships in Australia in 1974.
Habicht Aerobatics WMV, 2.3 MB b/w soaring video from the thirties - nice shots of a "Habicht" doing aerobatics.
"Spelnione marzenia" AVI, 41 MB a collection of old b/w films, probably around 1930-1958. The most interesting one is a mechanical gliding simulator (a SG-38 mounted on a rocker).
"Gawron" AVI, 39 MB b/w, featuring the PZL 101a "Gawron". Not a glider, but these old films are too rare to miss one of them :-)
WWII Glider Operations AVI, 1 MB A quite spectacular clip. A combat glider is being "picked up" by a plane flying overhead, catching the rope at full speed. Must have been an exciting experience for the crews... If you are interested in background information about this technique (which is called "The Snatch", check out this link.
Technical and Manufacturers
Test of NOAH Rescue System MPG 2.4 MB test shot of the NOAH rescue system made by DG-Flugzeugbau. Alternative
DG-300 Wobble Test MPG, 3.6 MB very short but interesting
DG-1000 Airfoil Rupture Test
    (camera inside)
    (camera inside - HiRes version)
    (camera outside)
MPG, 4.8 MB
MPG, 23.5 MB
MPG, 26.3 MB
interesting video about the DG rupture tests. Quite fascinating how the fracture happens - first you hear some cracking and then the whole airfoil collapses at once like in an explosion
high performance planes - made in Bruchsal MPG, 27 MB very superficial German TV report on soaring.
Test of a rocket rescue system
    (without rocket, side view)
    (without rocket, front view)
MPG 0.3 MB
MPG, 0.4 MB
MOV, 1.1 MB
MOV, 1.4 MB
Test extraction of the pilot with a rocket. An experiment of Akaflieg Darmstadt. German text about the experiment
Akaflieg Karlsruhe MPG, 16.6 MB TV report on Akaflieg.
Spin trials at Akaflieg
     (Spin trial 1)
     (Spin trial 2)
     (Spin trial 1 HiRes)

AVI, 0.8 MB
AVI, 0.8 MB
AVI, 3.5 MB
quite interesting videos of flight tests at Akaflieg Karlsruhe. The spin trials are being commented by the pilot.
Dynamic Soaring MPG, 33 MB Great animation which demonstrates the principles of dynamic gliding. German text about the animation
Airfoil Rupture Test on SB14
     (Short version)
RM, 74 MB
RM, 5 MB
Rupture Test at Akaflieg Braunschweig on a SB14 airfoil.
Stemme S 10-VT Promo MOV, 29 MB A very nice Stemme promotional video featuring the S 10-VT. A bit of the history and very beautiful shots from the plane in action in Switzerland. A Video CD can be ordered directly at Stemme
Antares MPG, 9 MB Swiss TV report on Antares ( 23.03.2000)
Foehn Innsbruck, 21.01.03 MPG, 8 MB time-lapse factor 25:1
Foehn Innsbruck, 21.01.03, part 2 MPG, 8 MB time-lapse factor 25:1
Foehn Innsbruck, 19.04.03 MPG, 10 MB time-lapse factor 25:1
Foehn Innsbruck, 28.12.03 (afternoon) MPG, 9.5 MB During this remarkable Foehn day I have also shot some stills, which you can find here. time-lapse factor 25:1
Foehn Innsbruck, 28.12.03 (evening) MPG, 8 MB An explanation of the videos from the 28th is here. time-lapse factor 25:1
Enya Cloud Dance WMV, 6 MB Dancing with the clouds and Enya's music. I have not put it under Soaring because this is being done in a motor plane :-)


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